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About our Fear of Heights Online Program


Do you suffer from fear of heights phobia? Is your fear of tall buildings, elevators, high bridges or any other situation causing you to miss out on the life you want to live? Do you want to get help but don’t have the time (or the money) to get to a therapist?

This program was made for people like you. Designed and tested using the latest evidence-based psychological techniques, this guide will take you through the entire process of how to get over your fear of heights, from understanding its causes to detailed practical exercises and cutting-edge mental tips and tools. Our team of expert psychologists has put together this incredible self-help tool, drawing from years of meticulous research and experience to guide about how to overcome fear of heights.

Most people don’t have access to a world-class therapist. But anyone can use this straightforward and plain-talking program and get the exact same results for a fraction of the cost. And what’s more, you can work through it at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t let fear of heights hold you back anymore- meet it head on and start your journey to recovery right now!

Over 22 hours of program materials and exercises

Price: USD $250 USD $99

Our Online Program

Drawing together years of intensive research and testing, this program is designed to give anyone the tools they need to overcome their fear of heights phobia. Covering everything from underlying causes to detailed practical exercises and advanced mental techniques, this is the ultimate guide to freeing yourself from fear of heights phobia for good. You receive our successful, complete, evidenced based 159 page self-paced program in 8 modules, along with 7 accompanying audio exercises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are afraid of heights, but if that fear causes you significant distress, or if it stops you being able to do things you want to, then you may suffer from height phobia.

Anyone who has a fear of heights can use this program successfully, regardless of your age, your location, your level of education and the severity of your fear of heights phobia. Our down to earth program will explain all the key psychological ideas in simple terms and give you detailed practical instructions for every step of the journey.

The main technique used in this program is called exposure. Exposure means gradually confronting the different things you fear in a safe and controlled way until you no longer feel afraid of them. With the unique “Find a Five” technique used in this program you will never have to face your worst nightmares- we will only ask you to face moderate or “five out of ten” fear levels. Research has shown that this is all that’s required to produce lasting change.

We will also look at some tips for identifying and changing the way you think, go through some imagery and visualization exercises, look at the ways mindfulness can help you accept and manage your emotions, and take a look at the role of self-compassion in reducing your fear. The benefits of this extra content will help in conquering fear of heights and may even leave you as a stronger and more secure person than you were before you developed your phobia!

 The technique of exposure is the most widely accepted method for treating phobias and has a high success rate in treating all kinds of fears. As long as you stick to your exposure exercises and take the messages in this program to heart you should see a significant reduction in your symptoms.

Our program also contains detailed information on reasons why your fears might re-appear and what to do in each situation.

Qualified therapists and clinical psychologists can be very helpful in treating phobias and all other forms of anxiety. However, not everyone has access to a trained therapist- whether due to time & financial constraints or their location.

This program was designed with those people in mind, using the knowledge and experience of a team of leading clinical psychologists. The principles discussed in this book are identical to those you would get from a world-class therapist, and the program is structured in the same way a weekly face-to-face therapy session would be. So even if you can’t access a therapist you can get a virtually identical experience from this program.

Components of our online program

  • 1

    Introduction- What is Height Phobia?

    In this introductory module we will learn more about acrophobia or fear of heights including its causes and associated patterns of thought and behaviour. We will also outline what to expect from this guide and how best to use it.

  • 2

    Thoughts, Emotions & Behaviour: The Fear of Heights Model

    In this module we will take a closer look at a model explaining how your fearful thoughts and emotions work to produce the behaviour associated with height phobia, and how to break the cycle.

  • 3

    Facing Your Fear: the Find a Five System

    In this module we will look at the importance of examining the physical sensations linked to fear as well as the emotional experiences. We will then look at using the “Find a Five” model to expose yourself to your fears in manageable and controllable doses.

  • 4

    Getting Started With Exposure

    This module will take you through the practical considerations of carrying out your own “Find a Five” exposure exercises and give you some examples of how it works to effectively combat fear.

  • 5

    Visualization & Imagery

    This module will show you the power of mental imagery in changing your thinking and experiences with heights and take you through getting started with imagery and mindfulness exercises.

  • 6

    Changing Your Thinking

    In this module we look at how to identify the unrealistic or exaggerated thoughts you may have about heights, and how you can challenge and alter them when overcoming fear of heights.

  • 7

    Final Thoughts: Ensuring Long-Term Change

    Now that you are making great progress in reducing your fear of heights phobia, this concluding module will show you some reasons why you may find your fear returning at times, and how to get over fear of heights every time. We will look at what to do now you have all the tools to overcome your fear and reflect on the journey so far.

  • 8

    The Power of Compassion in Reducing Fear

    This optional extra module will teach you to recognise when you are being overly self-critical and help you understand that having more compassion for yourself can be a better way to learn and improve. We look at the concept of emotional safety and how to conquer fear of heights and have more control over your emotions and thoughts.


This guide has been put together by a team of leading psychologists and researchers led by experienced clinical psychologist Angus Munro. Angus is clinical director of his own treatment clinic in Sydney, Australia and has many years’ experience treating phobias and anxiety disorders of all kinds. Angus and his team are passionate about giving as many people as possible access to cutting-edge, evidence based, effective and efficient acrophobia treatment to help them live their best life free from the fears that may be impacting their life. Angus has extensive successful experience delivering programs in hospital, university research, and private clinic settings.

Angus Munro Qualifications

  • Master of Clinical Psychology Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) – First Class Honours University of Southern Queensland
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies University of Southern Queensland
  • Master of Business Administration University of Southern Queensland
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance) University of New South Wales

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