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Our practical, detailed and easy-to-follow guide gives you the knowledge and tools you need to completely eliminate heights phobia from your life.

Over 22 hours of program materials and exercises

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Fear of Heights Treatment Program


This straightforward and easy-to-use program gives you access to the knowledge, skills and techniques you would learn from a face-to-face therapy program, for a fraction of the cost. Developed over several years using the latest evidence-based research, our guide takes you through the entire process of overcoming your fear of heights. Working at your own pace, you will learn to identify your fearful thoughts and emotions, challenge your negative views and face your fears using our innovative “find a five” exposure model.

Over 22 hours of program materials and exercises

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USD $250 USD $99

Program Features

Our program will take you through the following topics:

  • Understanding the causes of height phobia and where your symptoms come from
  • Learning to identify the thoughts and behaviours which are contributing to your fear
  • Understanding how thoughts and emotions interact to produce anxiety
  • Discovering how exposure to your feared situations holds the key to recovery
  • Planning and carrying out exposure exercises using the “find a five” process
  • Looking at how mindfulness and imagery can help you change your thinking
  • Learning how self-compassion can set you up for success

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